Fleet Management

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Car Tracking

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Personal Tracking

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Asset Tracking


With Trakcar's GPS fleet management software, you can regain your business. So let's avoid wasting time and money searching for driver logs and planning trip routes. Trakcar's GPS software technology automates vehicle tracking, trip planning, HOS reporting, and other tasks.

Along with our tracking device, each customer has access to Trakcar's industry-leading software, which allows them to view all of their driver and vehicle information in one consolidated dashboard. enabling fleet management from a single platform.



Create Wiser Business Choices

Trakcar's GPS converts data into business-boosting information that will enhance your company. Set up automated tracking of driver actions like hard braking, idling time, fuel consumption, and more.

Easily discover areas for improvement and utilise data to construct driver evaluations that promote safe driving habits. or establish guidelines to track behavioural patterns behind the wheel to help find ways to cut costs.

Selecting A Fleet Tracker

If you're searching for the best fleet telematics, you've probably seen numerous possibilities. If you don't know where to start, our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you find the best telematics solutions for your fleet. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist you in determining the appropriate monitoring and telematics that will work best for your fleet.

Hardware-integrated fleet tracking

You've come to the right location if you wish to combine multiple telemetry solutions across multiple software platforms. Using Trakcar's GPS IOX extension technology, vehicle data may be consolidated into a central hub. Whether you need to integrate public works services, dash cameras, temperature tracking, or third-party software, our device is a comprehensive solution for fleet tracking.


Personal car tracking is a system that uses GPS technology to monitor the movement and location of an individual's vehicle. This kind of tracking gives the car's owner a lot of benefits, such as more security and peace of mind.

With personal car tracking, the owner can monitor the location of their vehicle in real-time. This allows them to know where their car is at all times and can provide reassurance if the car is stolen or lost. In the event of a theft, the tracking system can provide crucial information to law enforcement to help recover the vehicle.

In addition to increased security, personal car tracking can also provide convenience. For example, if the owner forgets where they parked their car, they can simply check the tracking system to find its location. This can save time and frustration in crowded parking lots or in unfamiliar areas.

Personal car tracking can also offer valuable insights into driving habits. A lot of tracking systems have features like speed monitoring and route history that can tell you how the car is being driven. This can be helpful for identifying any unsafe driving behaviours and making improvements.

Overall, personal car tracking offers a range of benefits to vehicle owners. From increased security and convenience to valuable insights into driving habits, it is a valuable tool for anyone looking to protect their vehicle and improve their driving experience.



Trakcar's online GPS asset tracking platform is live GPS tracking software with several security features, including geofence zones, motion alerts, routing, and remote immobilisation. It is simple to use, easy to install, and very intuitive. The platform keeps a record of all tracking data for up to a year. Many corporations and individuals use this GPS asset monitoring software to keep track of company and personal vehicles, assets, and people when more sophisticated functions, such as driver behaviour or report generation and scheduling, are unnecessary. All of our tracker models, regardless of application, will function on this platform.

If needed, our installation experts can set up a time and date to put your tracking devices in place. Trakcar is sure that our experience, easy-to-use control panel, and competitive prices will go above and beyond what you need.


Personal tracking is a valuable tool for individuals and families who want to ensure the safety and security of their loved ones. With its many benefits and the advances in technology, it is becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to keep track of the people in their lives.

Our Asset software panel is ideal for using with our personal monitoring devices for lone workers, youngsters, and the elderly since it is simple to operate while also providing a variety of alert features that make it easy to monitor the individual being tracked.

Lone Worker Tracking


Lone worker tracking is a technology that monitors and manages the location and movement of individuals who work alone. This is typically done for the protection and security of the lone worker, who may be in potentially dangerous or isolating circumstances.


Tracking a lone worker often entails the use of small, satellite-connected tracking devices that are attached to the employee. These devices send information about a person's location and movements to a central server that a third party can use to access and track. This enables real-time tracking of the lone worker and can be used to notify a chosen third party if the worker is in danger or needs assistance.


Our lone worker tracking is commonly used in a variety of industries, such as construction, security, and healthcare. It is also often used by businesses that have employees who work remotely or in isolated locations.

Elderly Tracking

Managing a nursing home and being concerned for the safety of the residents, or having an elderly loved one whose mental or physical state puts them at risk, may be extremely stressful. Our trackers are the ideal solution for your peace of mind and the peace of mind of the elderly. The device is so compact and portable that it is effortless to carry.


All of our personal tracking devices have an optional panic button, and our Ti-Voice tracker has a two-way voice feature. When both are activated, the emergency contacts you choose will be notified right away. This will give you and the person you're tracking more peace of mind, and the carrier will be able to stay independent while still being able to call for help if they need it.

Child Tracking

Child tracking technology has become increasingly popular among parents and schools, providing a way to monitor and locate children in real-time. This technology is especially useful for children with special needs, as it can help keep them safe and provide peace of mind for parents and teachers. Our trackers will alert parents or caregivers if a child with special needs wanders off, allowing them to quickly respond and provide assistance. Additionally, child tracking technology can help keep track of a child's medical needs and alert parents or caregivers if there are any potential issues.

Trakcar tracking systems might be very beneficial for parents with demanding schedules who are unable to be continuously present with their children. Parents can use these trackers to keep an eye on their kids' whereabouts and activities to make sure they aren't doing anything dangerous.

Child monitoring technology can be useful for schools on field trips, and it can also give parents and other caregivers peace of mind. Kids often go on field trips with their schools, and child monitoring technology can help teachers keep track of all the kids and make sure they are always in charge of them. This will give parents and teachers peace of mind, allowing teachers to focus on making the experience entertaining and educational for the children.